Rufus Handwashing Pack Pre-School (IE - English)

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A Rufus handwashing programme pack which teaches young children about handwashing through story, song and behavioural feedback.

In the pack you will find:

• Staff poster (x1) to help remind everyone just how important proper handwashing is.
• Staff leaflet (x1) to explain how to get the most out of using Rufus handwashing resources.
• Waterproof handwashing posters (x34) to be placed at sinks in your toilets, as a prompt and learning tool for children.
• Storybook (x1) that uses fun illustrations and rhyme to teach children how and when to wash their hands.
• Stickers (x30) to get children excited and reward them for good handwashing.
• Digital pack leaflet (x1) with details of how you can find more resources on our website, including games and a reward chart.

All safefood resources are free to order and sent at no cost to the user.

Size: A4